What is an Integrative Health Coach?

Together we will:

Evaluate your current eating habits and educate you on clean eating and healthy lifestyle routines that meet your individual needs

  • We create individualized wellness plans based on factors including genetics, sex, age, lifestyle, life experiences, location, and current health conditions. We encourage our clients to have full ownership of their health and wellness goals as we support you in achieving them.
  • We will explore what you are eating and what might be triggering your discomfort, low energy, pain, or weight gain. It is possible to feel good and enjoy life to the fullest while not feeling deprived.
  • Dig deep to discover the root cause of your health concerns.

Integrative Health Coaches:

Guide you with the choices you make.

Give you Accountability for the lifestyle changes you choose.

Support you on your health journey.

  • Everyone needs guidance; it creates community, relationships, and success. We not only guide you, but we also educate you along the way. We are making you knowledgeable about WHY you are making these changes.
  • As your coaches, we are here to hold you accountable for maintaining healthy choices when there is a physical, emotional, or mental disturbance. We encourage you to take responsibility for your choices and teach you how to maintain them by breaking unhealthy habits.
  • As humans, we need support. Having a coach to be there for you when times are hard or when you’re down on yourself is a crucial factor in being successful. No matter how strong you are, negative emotions and life events can cause some severe damage. By helping you out of your head and bringing new ideas and skills to the table, we can guide you to stay committed to your health journey.

The practice of health coaching is built around helping individuals develop personalized wellness plans that meet specific nutrition and lifestyle needs - helping you discover the nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle that works best for you.

The Institute of Integrative Nutrition