What Is An Integrative Health Coach?

Cultivating Thyme Wellness

We all have a pretty good idea of what it means to be healthy. Eat clean foods, get enough sleep, have an exercise routine, and drink enough water. Those are the basics, right? So then why don't we do them on a daily basis? Why can’t we be consistent with an exercise routine or our diet? Because knowledge does not equal action. Just because you know something doesn’t mean you have the skills and the mindset to take action.

That’s where a health coach comes in. We teach our clients how to make a systematic change in their behaviors and lifestyle. We show them how to stop self-sabotaging behaviors, get through the blocks that have been holding them back and create habits that are healthy for their body and mind. As health coaches, we address individual goals, provide accountability, and provide support when clients fall off track. The value of a health coach is being able to affect and address the underlying factors that create habit change.

Whether you'd like to lose weight, sleep better, de-stress or naturally clear up acne, health coaches focus on helping you set and achieve health goals in a way that is integrated into your lifestyle so you can maintain your results long-term.

Health coaching is an interactive process. It's all about action, accountability, and follow-through. Because of this, health coaching tends to be more program-based (meeting regularly over the course of several months), rather than a one-time visit in which you receive a diagnosis and prescription.

While doctors are an incredibly essential part of our healthcare system, they generally don't receive much training in nutrition, nor in working with patients on long-term, sustainable lifestyle changes. And that's where health coaching comes in.

But to be very clear: Health coaching is not a replacement for regular visits with your doctor. Rather, it's a compliment to other healthcare services you may be receiving, including working with your doctor, specialists or alternative healthcare practitioners.

Our goal is to give clients a strong foundation (physically and mentally) that they can continue to build on in a way that’s easy and fun.