Confidence Boost

Lani Geistwalker

Everything we do and who we believe we are is directly tied to our level of confidence. Confidence can take many shapes. Sometimes it presents itself when you have a stain on your favorite shirt, and you easily laugh it off at the interview for the job of your dreams; other times, it can say everything you want to say in that same interview. When we think of what confidence is, we often picture a socially savvy woman who is honest, great at public speaking, competent in her work, and can wear any crop top she wants. I mean, that is what I see…but maybe you see something different! Regardless of the differences between our ideas of what confidence looks like, it is essential to remember that confidence starts from within and what we see as a confident person is a result of the work they have put into themselves.

Confidence affects everything we do. It affects our ability to advocate for ourselves, sell or market our product or service, be honest with ourselves and others, communicate effectively, wear that dang bikini...the list goes on. Because confidence affects everything we do, it is that much more critical that we create habits that will support and boost our confidence daily. When our confidence is high, we are empowered to push our limits and take risks we may not have otherwise considered. You owe it to yourself to build your confidence so that you can reach new heights and push yourself to embark on new challenges. You are worthy of this, and it is just another step on your journey to being your most optimal best self.

So, what are some habits, tips, and tricks to help you build your confidence? Don’t worry; we got you. These “baby steps” are simple actions you can put into practice every day that will act as building blocks and elevate your confidence over time.

  1. Look in the mirror every morning and say: “You are worthy. You are beautiful. You are confident. You can do anything you put your mind towards. You are supported.”
  2. Taking a leap of faith and trying on that new outfit.
  3. Try a new workout at the gym or push yourself for the extra rep.
  4. Cook a new recipe or cuisine in the kitchen. Test your culinary skills--you’d be surprised what you are capable of!
  5. Go to a workshop and meet like-minded individuals.
  6. Have a conversation with a stranger (a friendly-looking stranger, be safe first and always) in line at the grocery store. See how long you can carry the conversation.
  7. Practice acts of kindness and selflessness, such as picking up the extra trash you spotted on the ground.
  8. Write down five things every night that you accomplished that day. Don’t stop at five if you have more!
  9. Test your navigation skills and see how long you can go without using a GPS.
  10. And always remind yourself that you should be damn proud of the person you are and if you are not, then identify what is not making your proud, name it, and get a health coach to help you tackle it!