We help people reclaim and maintain optimal health and well-being.

Co-Founders, Leah Foti, and Lani Geistwalker are dedicated to their client's health success by focusing on long-term lifestyle changes and treating the root cause rather than treating only symptoms.

Our goal is to inspire and reconnect people with their mind, body, food, and Earth. Through clean, healthy, and seasonal recipes, sustainable lifestyle tips, and mindfulness practices, we hope to inspire an appetite for life, more profound awareness and appreciation for yourself, and the roots that connect us all.

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What is Integrative Nutrition?

Do you feel like your body is a mystery? Do you feel stuck and overwhelmed? Do you feel like you’re “falling apart”? Are you comfortable in your own body? Are you at peace with yourself? What if I told you that, by eating real food, being active and practicing self-care, you can reduce risk of illness, build strength, increase energy, boost confidence and increase happiness.

The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Health

So many of us live in a constant state of searching for health. We feel overwhelmingly tired and achy. We have brain fog and blotchy skin. We have weight issues. We spend money on supplements and shakes and gyms. All to little or no benefit. What do we do?

Confidence Boost

When our confidence is high, we are empowered to push our limits and take risks we may not have otherwise considered. You owe it to yourself to build your confidence so that you can reach new heights and push yourself to embark on new challenges. You are worthy of this, and it is just another step on your journey to being your most optimal best self.

What Is An Integrative Health Coach?

We all have a pretty good idea of what it means to be healthy. Eat clean foods, get enough sleep, have an exercise routine, and drink enough water. Those are the basics, right? So then why don't we do them on a daily basis? Why can’t we be consistent with an exercise routine or our diet?

Lymphatic Flow

If you’re constantly getting sick, have low energy, or are having trouble losing weight, you may want to think about taking steps towards cleansing your lymphatic system.

Healing vs. Curing

Healing and curing are often used interchangeably, but their definitions are quite different. Healing is a natural process and within the power of everyone. Curing, which is what conventional medicine doctors are called upon to do, usually consists of an external treatment and medications that mask or eliminate symptoms.